Documented Life Project 2021 – are you ready??


It is time!! for Documented Life Project

We are so excited to be sharing details of DLP 2016 with you.  It has been months in the making and even longer in the dreaming.

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We have combined all of our very favorite things into the unPlanner! We listened to those of you that emailed us to gently plead that you missed the planner aspect. We do too! The art journal was a wonderful stretching tool. The growth that we have seen in our member’s confidence and abilities makes us so proud! You all deserve a round of applause!

Now we are taking that new found confidence and ability and applying it to our planners. We are suggesting a structure that is very flexible. Add whatever your heart desires to make it perfect for you.

So without further ado – here are the details.

1.  We will be working in a small three ring kraft binder.

After hours of research, we found a binder and creative supplies that we LOVE. And some we designed ourselves!

We fully expect to need TWO binders for the year.  Tuck that thought away. We would love to thanks Cliqued Hosting for offering as free domain hosting and digital marketing our website.

2. We have created a kit

EDIT: due to high demand – we have a very limited number of pre-sale kits HERE

It is chock full of our very favorite items that we have collected for you.  As we did not want to see a repeat of last year where the journal was sold out everywhere online and then the price jumped drastically due to demand, we took control.

 The kit is NOT necessary for participation. Use your stash if you prefer!

3. DLP will work a bit differently this year.

It will be held in the classroom at the Academy.  This is where you find the downloads, challenges, class instructions and all manner of other goodies. This year, there will be a very small fee for the class.  We can no longer manage the escalating costs of this enormous effort alone so we are asking for $1/month (USD). That’s it – one dollar or 4 quarters or 20 nickels per month! As a thank you for your support, you will receive immediate access to a huge bundle of hand drawn downloads for your planner valued at $20 available in the classroom.

4. That is a $12 fee for the class and $20 worth of downloads free.

This is a win-win for everyone.

Ready?  Join the class…

5. We will have our DLP 2016 private Facebook group.

The FB group is ready for you to join immediately after joining the class. Our lovely moderators have signed on for another year and we could not be more grateful. These ladies are volunteers and are committed to making our community safe and supportive. And news that we are very excited about – A5 will be present on the FB group! We have missed you and will be available for conversations and community. Now that we are not working 24/7 to pay the bills, we can be with you. It is something about which we feel strongly!

6. We will officially start on January 1, 2021.

There will be a focus on art, list making, goal setting, community, friendships and documenting our lives. To make the time pass more quickly, Rae and Sandi have committed to documenting December. Grab your kit and play along with us! It will get us all warmed up and ready to go in January. Lorraine will join us in 2016.

And from Roben-Marie:

Hi, guys! I am taking some time off from DLP in 2016,  allowing me to focus on family and a variety of creative pursuits so my role will be more behind the scenes in the new year.