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Everyone likes to find out what they’re buying. If everything else fails, it’s possible always to try an expert. It’s important not to forget that each of these tips might only make a little difference, but collectively can be quite powerful. It is critical to answering these questions so as to help push your customer during the decision-making practice.

It’s always a very good idea to have an advertising program like Cms Marketing, Digital Media that aids you to drive visitors to your internet website. Among the best methods to find bugs in your checkout procedure is to employ test shoppers.

E-commerce website Development

A site must run its complete functionality despite the OS or the device used. eCommerce websites engage the web customers, and they’re prepared to struggle for each of them. The reason most eCommerce sites fail is that people just don’t understand how to draw in visitors to their site.

Responsive websites may have a great effect on converting customers as Google highlight in this case study. Therefore, you should only make a single site for each and every screen. Thus, be certain you have linked to the proper pages from your house page.

An internet site can be a mix of these. Developing an internet website for your business doesn’t need to be an overwhelming endeavor. Many small business websites are made to work much like a brochure. You need to convince the visitor to purchase your product, and among the best means of doing this is to attempt to turn it into an impulse sale.

Every site visitor differs, and all of them have their needs, behaviors, and concerns. Remember to mention significant accounts or names of businesses an internet site visitor might recognize. You can read a good post about learning new skills https://www.arttothe5th.com/best-skills-to-learn-online/

As soon as your storefront is ready to go, the one thing you must fret about is fulfilling orders and delivering great customer service. It’s almost not possible to imagine a shop without a shopping-cart function included.

Some e-commerce Shop templates offer users a whole lot of customization choices, including unlimited colours and 60 unique backgrounds. Thus, discounts and distinctive deals are ordinarily the initial things that website visitors try to find. Don’t be scared to request help, the expenses involved can readily be recovered should they do their job correctly. This rise in the range of the platforms is mainly credited to the gain of internet shopping which has been taken up by the general public. As ever, there’s a balance.

The platform is apter in the event the company is small and requires an excellent page with visuals to sell the goods. Platforms form a significant part in developing and designing a helpful website. Another automation to think about is one-click purchasing. There’s zero PROGRAMMING needed whatsoever.

Ecommerce Sites

Hopefully, now you can see that it’s not hype. Social Media Marketing has changed into a substantial portion of our everyday lives and ingrained in the human experience for many terrific individuals. Content is very vital, and recently we reviewed this eCommerce store that was doing it very well to market their men’s tungsten rings and other jewelry they specialize in.

Nice and timely communication ought to be a default practice for each eCommerce shop. Give two explanations why expert reviews are beneficial in designing User Interfaces. Frequent menu users can get annoyed if they need to be several menu selections to finish an easy task.

For each and every screen a customer has to go through as a way to earn a buy, you will eliminate a particular percentage of them due to cart abandonment. Today, you can find out a lot about various businesses online.

Whether you’ve got an established company or you’re about to launch a brand-new business, be sure that your website is integrated into a general advertising program. In my opinion, an organization is only like their guarantee and SiteSell makes sure they honor the things that they promise. Click here to learn more about types of Advertising.

It is designing a kiosk that can display weather information in public locations. It tells who the provider is, what the provider does, and where they are situated.

An eCommerce site that isn’t difficult to use if you are on a mobile can be extremely frustrating. It also includes a template builder which makes it straightforward to create unique page layouts.

You’re going to be able to pick from several pre-designed HTML templates in many different colors and styles. You might be surprised to discover that it might not always be amazing graphics, but instead unique functions like a database, good content, or well-organized info.

Fantastic shopping cart design will continue to keep your customers on the cart and supplies a useable platform that makes it simple for customers to purchase from you. It has an advanced theme choices panel, white and black varieties, multiple layout choices, color choices, and more.

Best Skills To Learn Online


Do you want to earn money online, offline, or want to be successful?

Of course, you want! Actually, everyone wants to be successful but to be successful you need skills, knowledge, and experience. No matter in which field you are working but skills are mandatory and acquiring skills is not enough. You have to make it sharp.

If you analyze any rich person or your mentor. You will find they always try to learn something new. They try to find the best skills to learn. Because they know, learning is a never-ending process and they have to continue this process to achieve more success.

In today’s blog, I will share 26 skills you can learn online with the best and relative courses. I have seen many people suffer in finding new skills to learn and this pushed me to write this article.

These are the best and valuable skills to learn for jobs, to make money online, and to make your life better. Let’s dive in:

26 Best Skills To Learn Online

#01. Blogging

If you are passionate about something and want to share it with someone and also want to monetize it.

Then blogging is a good choice to start right now, the blogging can be about anything like Carpentery, blog networks. If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about blogging. Now worry!

There is a lot of stuff available on the internet to help you start your first blog, also lots of information available over blogs and youtube about how to make your blog successful.

To start a blog you need a domain and hosting and you have learned the following terms that are given below:

All these are some major terms and you have to learn all these things to make your blogging journey enjoyable and successful.

Best Skills To Learn Online

#02. Negotiation Skill

Negotiation skill is a lifelong important skill and you have to and you should learn this skill. I’m very bad at it but yes I’m learning because I need negotiation skills lifelong.

As a buyer, salesperson, entrepreneur you must have to master this skill. Actually, it helps you to save lots of money.

Actually, my mother always says to me,

Earning money is important but more important is how, where, when and how much you are spending. If you are able to to decrease your unwanted expenses, your savings will start increasing automatically.”

Negotiation is one skill that helps you to save your money.

#03. Learn New Language

Learning new languages is one of the amazing and enjoyable skills to learn. You can easily learn new languages without taking any pressure on your mind.

To make it this process you just need a good guider or a good course. I know only 3-4 languages like — Hindi, English & Haryanvi. But there are many languages whose speakers base is huge like — French, Chinese, and much more.

You can learn these languages if you are interested and when you become fluent in them. You can make your own courses or service to sell. Visuals are becoming more effective and enjoyable and in the last few years growth of visuals are boost up very drastically.

Businesses are also adopting visuals to promote their brand or products and that creating opportunities for graphic designers and web developers. Graphic designing can one of be best skills to learn for jobs. Also scaling opportunity in it very good.

#04. Video Editing

I can say after YouTube, video production and video consumption have been increased it’s unimaginable. Between video production and video consumption, an important skill came out in the role and that is — Video Editing.

Before YouTube, video Editing was only done in movies but nowadays every YouTube video is edited with good video editing skills.

#05. Entrepreneurship

Actually, peoples think entrepreneurship skill is only for business persons but it is not like that. Yes! You learn lots of things about business during learning entrepreneurship skills but besides it, you also learn lots about — Leadership, Management, Social Media Marketing, and many more interesting things.

That ultimately helps you in your life also. Again if you are more interested in business or entrepreneurship then you can share it by learning more about it. But in end, I would say this is also one of the best skills to learn.

#06. Photography

I would say, First photography is a hobby and then it is a skill. Of course, if you’re not interested in it then it will be harder for you to learn about it. No doubt! A good photographer makes thousands of dollars but the thing is your photography should be worth it.

Becoming a photographer is very easy nowadays but mastering this art is very difficult and only a few people do it professionally. So no matter which skill you are learning, the only thing which matters is, are you master of that skill?

#07. Improvement Skill

Everyone wants to improve himself. No matter how good-looking he/she is looking. They still want more improvement. But think if you can master this skill and can help those peoples who want more and improvement.

Of course! You can charge for it but before thinking about money. You have to think about learning this skill. This skill is like an evergreen skill.

#08. Develop Confidence

I’ve seen peoples with lots of knowledge, but they don’t know how to express their knowledge to someone. One of the major reasons behind this — Low Confidence.

Acquiring skills, knowledge, and experience is very important but building confidence is also very important. If your confidence is lacking then I strongly recommend you to put some effort to improve it.

#09. Improve Research Skill

Almost everyone has access to the internet and of course, there is no limitation to browse it. But the important thing is — how much better you can browse the internet to make your research effective?

I love doing research, maybe you also like it. But the real value of research supposed when you get your wanted results. No matter in which field you are working but research is necessary for every field and you should learn it.

#10. Money Management

Maybe you are earning a good amount of money. That’s good to hear but do you know, how to manage it in a proper way? You may be heard a very popular quote,

“Money makes money”.

So it’s totally up to you, how do you manage your money? Peoples says its a general thing, actually they are right. But everyone doesn’t know the power of this skill. But you should learn this to know its power.

#11. Stocks Trading

Stocks or share trading is one the best way to earn or burn money in few minutes. Yes! You have read right. Without proper knowledge about market, shares, trading and all the things. You are going to lose your money.

But if you have put effort, time, and energy to earn all these things. Definitely, you can earn a very huge amount of money. This is one of the best skills to learn that makes money.

#12. Relationship Building

Most of the time and most of the Guru’s teaches you how to build a business or how to make money?

But you will rarely find someone who will teach you, how to build relationships and this is the key to a successful business. Building relationships and growing your business is an art and it’s a very long-term game. Definitely, you should play it.

#13. Networking Skill

Same with building relationships, networking is also an important and long-term game. Actually, if I would say, networking is a lifelong process then it would be more correct.

You should learn this skill and master it because it is not only going to improve your business. Rather also going to help in your overall life.

#14. Task Management Skill

In my daily routine, lots of tasks are always running on and if I will not manage all these tasks then it going to headache. Definitely, I don’t want it. Hope! You also don’t want to.

But I’m sure you are also facing an improper task management problem. Believe me, it’s not limited to you only. If you look at higher and higher management then you will find they put lots of time and energy to create a productive task management table and guidelines.

This can be one of the best skills to learn for jobs and if you are a business owner then you can also learn it for successful business management.

#15. Fast Reading & Writing Skill

As of my knowledge, all successful people have a common habit and that is — Reading. Because they know its importance. Along with reading, you should also learn about writing. You can write a diary or can start a blog like this or something else.

But you should learn writing and reading skills.

#16. Master Body Language

Body language tells a lot about yourself and a good examiner can easily examine how good or bad you are, by your body language. This skill is going to help you throughout your life.

It can work for you like a magic as you see in movies, you can judge people by their body language and in actual it’s not magic, there is science behind it.

#17. Improve Way Of Talking

Some peoples take it in the wrong way. Improvement in way of talking isn’t mean to change your language. You have to just improve it. Your way of talking shows your sacraments, politeness, knowledge, manners, and much more things.

To be a successful leader or person, your way of talking should be good. Sometimes we try to be polite but it sounds rude. So you have to learn all these things to make your way of talking more effective.

#18. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best skills to learn to make money. You can earn through this skill from the first day of learning or after few months. It’s totally up to your budget. If you can invest some money then you do it through paid ads otherwise you have to build an audience through other channels.

If you ask me what is Affiliate marketing then in short:

In affiliate marketing if you will help companies to sell their products then they will give some percentage of every sale


#19. Learn Creativity

Every company or brand wants creative persons and ready to pay on demand. Because there are thousands of COPY-CAT are in the market. But only a few creatives are available and believe this is an evergreen skill. I know this is very hard to master this skill but if you master it you will reap its benefits throughout your life.

#20. Data Analyst

Whenever I talk about data. Collecting data is very important but analyzing and filtering it for profit is very important. With raw data, you can not make proper decisions, but with the analyzed data you can make informed decisions.

#21. Cloud Computing

The world is running very fast and they don’t have time to wait for anything. They just want everything very quickly and accurately. And when it comes to data, they want it secure and fast and cloud computing is best in it.

If you are already in the IT field then you can easily understand its potential and I will recommend you to put some effort to learn this skill.

#22. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been already grown up in the world very much but still, lots of things are remaining to come in front of us. I’m not saying you know how to learn and develop artificial intelligence but I’m saying you to learn, how to use this technology for your business or for you.

You should learn, how to utilize this technology for you. but before use it you should know it basics and fundamentals.

#23. UI/UX Designing

Its very important to identify and design a good UI/UX. Brands put lots of money to design high quality and high conversion rate UI/UX.

If you are seeking for a job then this can be also one of best skills to learn for jobs.

Definitely you have to do regular practice to enhance your skill but after mastering it you can also build business around it.

#24. Blockchain

Same like A.I, blockchain is also a future technology. Lots of experiments and many things are runing around it.

It still it isn’t spread and this is the chance for you to build you career or business around this skill.

If you are struggling or confused to choose your career then definitely you should think about this skill.

This is one of best skills to learn to make money, to get jobs, to build career or business.

#25. Sales

Sales is not a skill only, it’s a part of our life and it will will stay with us life long.

I don’t know what’s your profession, job and anything else you do. But if you don’t know how to do sales?

There is no chances to grow in your life. You don’t believe me then look at world richest person “Jeff Bezos” he is also good salesman before becoming businessman or something else.

He know, how to sell. Actually he knows better than others how to sell and that’s the reason he staying at the top position.

This is the ever one of the greatest skills to learn.

#26. Video Production

Video production is still on the boom and in upcoming future it will do more great.

Only YouTube a video posting platform has made thousands of millionaires and Nowadays lots of more platforms are coming in market.

It up to you, which level video production you want to do. As much you want that much you receives.

Ask your self you just want to be a selfie video producer or want to be Bollywood or Hollywood video producer.

Opportunity is very huge, it’s upto you, how much you want to grab.

I hope you got it. So don’t waste anymore time this is one of the best skills to learn right now.

Artistic Inspiration in Carpentry


Carpentry has been around for centuries.  It is an industry that has been embraced since time immemorial.  It has always incorporated the way of living of people.  It’s also an industry that has evolved drastically over the years.  Its changes come to meet the needs of people.

The evolution comes from different inspiration,  from need, the type of wood needed,  availability,  durability to art. There are so many inspirations depending on the type of project you’re working on.

The primary work in Carpenter Kildare is cutting,  shaping,  and installation of materials on buildings,  timber bridges,  concrete form-work as well as ships.

Types of Carpentry

There are so many types of carpentry but the most common types are divided into two.

1.  Rough Carpentry

Its most common in framing,  formwork, roofing and structural work.

2.  Finish Carpentry

It involves jointer carpentry. Here floor joists and floor surfaces are fixed.

Trim carpentry is also a type of finish carpentry.  It involves moulding and trims for example mantle skirting boards and ornamental works. check out some of the best Trim Carpentry at https://www.pinterest.com/jbaethge/trim-carpentry/

Carpentry itself has been greatly inspired by art to create lovable woodwork over the years.  And its inspiration by art grows year in year out.

Woodwork as well as cabinetry is a form of art.  The inspiration of art on woodwork is where creativity meets precision.

Art and carpentry combine expertise in creating visual merchandising,  woodworking,  upholstery and textile to create transformative experiences.

Artistic Inspiration in Carpentry
Photo Source : GM Carpenter

Reasons As to Why Carpentry is Being Inspired by Art

1.  The Use of Art in Carpentry is Limitless

When carpentry is inspired by art it gives the sense of travelling in your mind and finally to presenting the final product.

2.  It is Good for Your Health

When you’re being given a platform to do away with boredom,  it later takes a transverse change in your life. Healthwise too.

Carpentry inspired by art gives you a platform to bring out ideas that are hidden in.  It’s a mind shift.

when you’re busy it’s good for your mental health.  And mental health most of the time reciprocate to the entire health

3.  Creates Worthwhile Work

When you get a chance to create work that is inspired by art,  it is worth it.  You get a chance to review what you have worked on and gain that satisfaction.  Getting a chance to produce originality is the best feeling ever

4.  It is a Source of Motivation

Artistically inspired carpentry can be a source of motivation for individuals who are already in the carpentry industry,  those seeking to join and amateurs as well. click here to check out some Artistically inspired Carpentry by clicking here

This is because you don’t create boring pieces but rather pieces that meet your desires and bring the best of your skills

5.  Meeting the Needs of People in the Ever-Growing Technology

As technology evolves year in and year out,  the type of carpentry work needs to change.  Art can inspire carpentry to bring out the best of what is needed in the industry.

6.  Originality

Artist inspired carpentry work helps you bring out the purest form of self. This is because you get a chance to travel within yourself and bring out what is deep inside. Everybody is different.  The difference found in all of us when applied to carpentry in an artistic sense brings out very unique and different pieces of work.

Final Word

In every industry, there are so many elements that inspire it to bring the best of what that industry can offer.  Carpentry has over the years been inspired by so many elements.

Art is by far one of the best elements that inspire carpentry to make the industry keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving world.  And also provides room for different people to join and try out some work.

Art acts like fingerprints they are different and so is carpentry work inspired by work.

Planner Pages Art


Color, photos, style and whimsy – we all want it on our planner pages but how???

Here is your answer – step-by-step video instructions from four artists on how they:

  • create colorful backgrounds
  • add words & photos
  • find that sense of whimsy
  • develop a distinct style and voice

Join four of the Art to the 5th™ artists as they take you through from blank page to finished product in 10 videos. See tips, tricks, creating your own embellishments, color choices, working with different mediums (acrylic paint, mono printing, colored pencils, paint pens, etc.) as they create their planner pages. Let us help you change the way you look at your planner, your creativity and your abilities!

Unlimited access to videos, available whenever you want them. Supply lists from each artists on what they used and when possible a link to where to purchase it.

See you in the Studio!!

Our fine print: videos are not downloadable, no PDF’s provided, this class covers planner pages NOT challenge pages, once you have purchased the videos there will be no refunds.  One student per purchase. No splitting/sharing classes.


  1. Click the purchase button to pay.
  2. Once payment has been made, click the “Return to Serendipity Studios, LLC” to be taken to the page with directions for gaining access to the workshop.
  3. Please read the directions on the “Welcome” page.
  4. If you have not registered with our workshop site called Art to the 5th Academy please register.  It is FREE!  You will need to be a member before accessing the classroom.

Workshop Details

  • Open Registration – Take the workshop anytime!  There is no close date!
  • This class is self-paced and all materials are available to you.  Join in when you want and finish on your schedule!
  • A private site has been set up for all class attendees. FREE registration with the site is required in order to attend workshop.
  • NOTE: Once payment has been made directions will be e-mailed to you with directions for access.  Please allow from 24-36 hours for information to be sent.
  • Videos are not available for download.
  • The tuition is non-refundable once access has been given to registrants.

Planner Pages Art

What Students Are Saying

“ Best $19 investment ever! Thank you so much!” -Rene J.

“I struggle the most with the journaling, not much of a writer but have always wanted to. The idea of journaling with stickers and other embellishments for me was one of the best tips. Now I can’t wait to start!! I think these ladies are awesome!!! LOVE THEM!!!!” –Maribel E.

“The Art 5’s new workshop was money amazingly spent. It gave me a new perspective on things I have in the house. The workshop gave me a better idea on what to do on weeks where my life seems boring. It taught me how to let go of perfection.
It is kind that each artist has at least two videos up plus lists of what they use. And detailed lists. It’s the best $19 I have spent. Thank-you, ladies. I love your new workshop.” -Robin D.

“The videos have really helped me to see a different way of recording rather than simply “art” for art’s sake. I’m also changing how I see DLP and seeing far more possibilities than I had before. Thanks for all you ladies do for us!! You are all so positive and generous, not to mention extremely talented. I’m honored to be part of this fab group – it has really changed me and helped me to grow! Thank you!!” -Susan H.

“I’m learning so much, trying to embrace imperfection and using things in ways I hadn’t thought of before. The videos are great and I’ve already watched some more than once. Thanks Art5 ladies! You rock!! -Shawn R.

“I struggled with the process, just couldn’t get my head around the planner side of things, never been much of a planner, but love the idea, you know how that goes…so of course I pretty much gave up on most all of it recently…but after watching the videos I’m feeling newly inspired, and most definitely looking at it all differently. I also add my HUGE THANKS to the lovely ladies that are Art to the 5th for all of their amazing talent, and time they spend on this entire process/group & classes, and their graciousness in sharing their knowledge.“ Kristine P.

“Thank you so much Rae, wonderful video’s. Full of such inspiration and fun ideas. I love that you use almost everything you have to create such gorgeous and meaningful pages. Your video’s were a real treat to watch …and I will surely re-watch as well. Thank you again for putting together such great information!” -Alice R.

“Gorgeous planner page! So many great ideas in your videos, too! I totally get “the busier it gets the more I love it” thing – that is so my style, too!” -Donna J.

“To the art5 lady’s: thank you so so much for sharing your talents! I’m inspired to try more new things” -An Z.

“I have completely loved the class. I appreciate so much seeing the different perspectives and approaches from the administrators. Thank you all so much for your generosity in sharing your processes.” -April M.

Create It, Mail It, Alter It Workshop


Paint, doodle and stamp “art with an address”. Enjoy this creative New Twist on a Mail Art class with your instructors: Rae Missigman, Roben-Marie Smith, Lorraine Bell and Sandi Keene.

We will each demonstrate our step by step process for creating layered, detailed designs in our signature styles. Watch as we trade pieces via mail to reveal the process of using mail art to construct elements for your planner or art journal.

Ay Caramba, 2.19 from Princeton TV on Vimeo.

This is TWO classes in ONE with 17 videos, over 6 hours of instruction, technique and inspiration from 4 distinct points of view. Let us inspire you with ways to create a mailbox treasure sure to delight your recipient PLUS how to turn the mail art you receive into meaningful additions to your favorite project. You supply the postage, we will cover the fun!

Join us as we Create It • Mail It • Alter It!

With the help of our sponsors GM Carpenter,  You can take any design from the internet or you can make one yourself, GM Carpenter is ready to turn your design to reality, they can custom design your kitchen, living room, your walls, your furniture etc, think of any thing and they will make it reality.

Their fine print,: videos are not downloadable, no instructional PDF’s provided, once you have purchased the videos there will be no refunds.  One student per purchase. No splitting/sharing classes.  See HERE for more Q&A regarding our workshops.

NEW! Pocket Journals Workshop with Rae & Sandi


Pocket Journals Workshop Information

Discover the charm of working tiny with giant creativity!  After many requests, Rae & Sandi have created a workshop to teach you how to create your own tiny journals.

Join us for 13 instructional videos building your journals plus 2 BONUS videos demonstrating how to work small. Full of tips and shortcuts with loads of possibilities, you will walk away with three pocket sized art journals ready for the next 30 day challenge or anytime you want to experience the joy of working small.

Please watch the video below and then register to join us in the fun of this self paced, “forever” access workshop with your instructor’s Rae Missigman and Sandi Keene! learn more about creating workshop contents at https://www.arttothe5th.com/create-it-mail-it-alter-it-workshop/

How does it work?

Immediately after you purchase, you will see a PDF download on the Order Confirmation page.  Download that as it contains your classroom url and password. Please copy/paste the url into your browser and you will taken to the black door of your classroom with a box for the password.  Enter the password and join us!

No waiting for an email from us.  Immediate Access!

Questions –

  • What do I do?? look on your order confirmation page after purchasing – download the PDF that contains your url and password. Use it and join us!
  • I see a black door? Yes, put your password in the box there and VOILA – you are in.
  • Still not working? Copy and paste the URL in your browser. Don’t use any hyperlinks. That should do the trick.

How To Get Rid Of Creativity Burnout – Find Artistic Inspiration


Artistic Inspiration

Artist can be some of the biggest procrastinators, especially when we are feeling uninspired and uncreative. Days can turn into weeks and eventually months if you do not do something about it. the truth is, lack of inspiration is natural and common amongst all artists.

This stage can be a bit frustrating, especially if you depend on your art for your business. It’s a feeling of unproductiveness that no one likes. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is get rid of it entirely.

Here are some tips that will help you get over the temporary creativity burnout

Keep the art tools and supplies easily accessible

In order to start a painting, you need to set up the canvas, paints, stand, your plans and everything. digging into your boxes, drawers and closets can get exhausting and mess up any ideas you had in your head about painting. Keeping the supplies organised and in one location will make it easier for you to start up. Not to mention, the clean-up process will be way easier and this will motivate you to paint more.

Show up

The least you can do is how up to your studio, even with the little inspiration you have. If you do not walk around with a notebook where you write your ideas, it may explain why you can never implement your ideas once you are in the studio.

Writing your ideas down keeps them fresh until you have to use them when you get to the studio. Also, without any ideas you could engage in activities like reading, and organising to stimulate your creativity.

Take plenty of pictures of places and things you find eye catching

Inspiration often comes from seeing things that we really like. Taking photos will not only help you create more ideas in your mind but you also get to use your photos as reference making your work the original. Images from google and other search websites may be copyrighted which makes your creation less valuable.

How To Get Rid Of Creativity Burnout – Find Artistic Inspiration

Collect references and keep them organised in a file

Once you take pictures for inspiration, make sure you print them and save them in a designated file for pictures you would like to paint. You can also get a hard drive to store the images in a less bulky way.

Keeping your pictures organised digitally or otherwise provides you a great resource for reference whenever you are feeling creative, keeping pictures organized will help you promoting your your website via digital marketing consultant as they may need pictures of your business for promoting your business on social platforms. When you are lacking some inspiration, all you need is to pop out that file or hard drive to get some.

Start by doodling

The truth is, sometimes as an artist you do not know where to start, even when you have inspirational images saved up. In this case, you can start by drawing random things on your canvas until you get a good idea where to start.

Sometimes inspiration does not come even when you follow the tips named above. This is where it gets hard for most artists and can lead you to make irrational decisions about your life as an artist. you have to understand that you are not always going to have a creative and productive day at the studio, which is fine and the first step to finding the right solution.

Painting Vs Drawing Basic Comparison


Painting Vs Drawing Information

There is a significance difference between painting and drawing not only in  definition but also techniques and types of the respective arts as interviewed by Rae Missigman

Read this for an elaborate difference between painting and drawing


Painting – by definition painting refers to artwork that uses brushes as the primary tool and paint colors and the primary medium. Despite the kind of brush, you use, the work will still be grouped into paintings.

Drawing – drawing on the other hand is art that can be achieved without a brush and paint. It could be a pencil, chalk, color pencils, pen and other things.


Painting – today, we have the curtsey of enjoying paintings of all kinds including diverse peoples, abstract art and day to day scenes. In the past, paintings were very rare and were mostly created to depict scenes from the bible.  The transformation of art started in the renaissance period and this led to changes in art and how it was created overall. Oil paint was created during these times ad acrylic resin followed suit several years later.

Drawing – drawing history stretched back to the prehistoric period. the earliest know drawings date back to 30,00-bc. Fruits, animals and human figures are some of the first drawings discovers. This artform gained popularity in the 1400s in Europe and was incorporated into paintings during the Renaissance Period.

Painting Vs Drawing Basic Comparison


Painting – today, painting is considered so much like drawing especially because it incorporates some drawing techniques. The difference is, painting is considered to be a wet art because of the use of paint and brushes, learn more about wet art by clicking here. Also, there is a variation in how the final outcomes of paintings are achieved.  When painting, it is important to prep the surface before you start. For instance, you need to set the base and choose the tone of colors you will use before you start.

Drawing – drawing is considered to be a dry art because there is no use of brushes, paints, watercolors and so on. The main materials employed for this artistic technique are pencils.  The approach to drawing and starting a drawing is very different to that of painting. First, you have to get the measurements and scale of all subjects of the drawing before you can start.

Types of paintings

There are 4 main types of paintings named; watercolors paints, acrylic paintings, oil painting and glass painting. Water color painting is done with watercolors but does not produce a professional outcome. Acrylics is very popular and produces vibrant colors. It is water soluble but water resistant when dry.

Types of drawings

The 4 mot popular drawing types include portraits, landscape drawings, doodles, cartooning, technical drawing and digital drawing. Digital drawing is one of the most popular form of arts in this category today. Technical drawing is popular in architecture, interior design and fashion.

Final word

For a beginner, it is very natural to wonder if there are differences between painting and drawing. Defining differences between the two will help you understand each concept and techniques well so you can master your art better

Top acrylic painting techniques explained


Acrylic painting Information

To be a professional artist, all you need to do is practice more. Painting will not be so easy from the start but with several classes or lesson, you can perfect your technique. With oil painting like acrylics, different techniques give you different results. The best way to get a good painting every time is to ensure you learn basic acrylic painting techniques, learn more about the differences between painting and drawing at https://www.arttothe5th.com/painting-vs-drawing-basic-comparison/

Rush grip and orientation and varying pressure

There are many brushes for acrylic painting which seems a little confusing at first but once you learn several gripping techniques you will e more comfortable using them.

While there are several gripping techniques available, oil and acrylic painting requires a fluid and precise movement while painting. This mean you should hold the brush as far back as possible for this technique to ensure you give sensitive strokes on the canvas.

You also need to master the brush orientation especially if it is double edged. The flat side of the bush is perfect for wide strokes and the sides can do sharper lines really well. When you master orientation, you will be able to paint precise strokes faster.

Most times, a heavy had is the first culprit of a ruined painting. When working with acrylic and other oil-based painting medium, the strokes define a balance between a ruined painting and the perfect one.

To get the perfect results, you will need to apply minimal pressure on the strokes. Familiarize yourself with heavy, medium and light strokes and how they appear on the canvas, this can help you minimize risk of ruining the painting during the process.

Top acrylic painting techniques explained

Be careful of the colors and medium

The painting medium plays an important role; it determines how the texture and finish of the painting is going to look at the end.  There are not standard measurements for the medium but you should avoid using too much because it will leave your paint flat.

Using the right kind of medium ensures the paintings comes out vibrant and energetic. Cleaning the brushes will help in keeping the colors on your painting untainted. Consider cleaning them as much as you can in between the color switches so you can leave them pure and intense throughout. Your painting skills can help you design professional logos for your websites and for your clients website, you can turn you painting passion into your dream job.

While mixing up the colors can add a rich flavour to the oil paintings, you need to find the right balance to reduce any confusion. Mixing more than 4 colors will reduce the vividness of your painting, unless that is exactly what you are looking for.

Start by mixing two colors and work your way up until you get the exact shade you were looking for. Paintings often feature different strokes all round which means the measurements, density and intensity of the paint is different.

Dry and wet brush

Switching up your brushes will definitely help you get good texture and style of your painting. Use both dry and wet brushed to increase gradients, transition and textures on your painting. This can also help you learn different techniques like wet in wet painting.

Keep in mind that when you are working with oil paintings, some techniques will work better than others.

The Documented Life Project – 6/7 (Week 24) Challenge


Journal Bound Workshop with Roben-Marie

Journal Bound Workshop

Showcase your gathered mail art stash within two uniquely styled and bound journals. Get those mailed treasures out of your bins and into an artful display – journal style.

Together we will travel a step by step approach to creating a colorful grungy cover in my signature messy style. Then we will bind our art-filled journals using a simple and creative system that once quickly learned can be used repeatedly to create handmade art journals from here forward.

Don’t have a mail art collection?

I will demonstrate an alternative using found papers. Beginners are welcome and encouraged in this workshop as each process is fully demonstrated to accommodate all skill levels. I even include downloads of my designs for your use.

So many possibilities, so much creativity. Pack your bags, we are Journal Bound!

As we all love a good sale, for a limited time, this workshop will be offered at a special price of $20!  Sale ends Saturday, June 7 at 8:00PM EST.

Spotlight Interview Artist – Debby Schuh

as interviewed by Rae Missigman

Debby Schuh

We are so thrilled to be featuring a very special and talented artist today – Debby Schuh.

Debby can’t remember a time when she wasn’t tucking her photos and all kinds of “stuff” into scrapbooks… she still has her scrapbook from when she was two years old! After teaching school for many years and working as a staff designer for Anna Griffin, Debby now shares her love of memory-keeping and story-telling with students at stores and events around the world. Her class projects are known for their clever techniques, design details, and meaningful themes. She says she is most gratified when her students are inspired to fill their creations with their own stories and photos and treasures – to use the projects they’ve made! She also takes ladies on shopping trips to New York, London, and Paris, guiding them to all her favorite places.

In addition to a busy teaching and traveling schedule, Debby has had her designs published in many books and magazines through the years and is the author of the book Kids Scrapbooking… Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Debby feels incredibly blessed to do what she loves – travel the world and meet wonderful people, do a little shopping along the way, and share her passion for preserving our stories. She lives near Buffalo, New York, with her husband Dave. Their two sons are living on opposite sides of the US now… one in California and the other in the Army, stationed in Virginia.

You can read more about Debby’s classes and adventures on her blog at debbyschuh.typepad.com.

A5: Where is your home and your studio?

DS: Buffalo, New York

A5: What kinds of art do you do?

DS: I am mainly a “paper-crafter.” This project is my first attempt at using mediums other than an ink pad and doing any type of “art journal.”

A5: What medium or craft did you start with?

DS: I’ve done just about every craft- from counted cross-stitch to embroidery to sewing to scrapbooking and stamping to decoupage to shaker-webbing- you name it and I have probably tried it!

A5: You are packing your art travel bag with your top five go-to items. Tell us what you choose.

DS: I travel all the time teaching paper art classes around the US and world, so I carry an art travel bag with me in case I get to work in my DLP planner. I have a glue stick, black ink pad, scissors, water color paints and a few acrylic paints, along with an assortment of cling stamps. I’m leaving this week for almost a month in Italy and Germany and I will be taking my art bag with me.

A5: What is your latest product discovery?

DS: I’m trying so many new things that it is hard to pick just one. I would say my favorite new discovery is the joy of doing a little “art” page just for me, just how I want to do it, in just my own style, in my DLP planner.

A5: Tell us about your work space.

DS: I am fortunate to have two work spaces- one is my studio which is a renovated “in-law” kitchen off our master bedroom, and the second it my “kit” room where I store all the product inventory for my classes and pack the project kits to be shipped around the world.

A5: What is one thing you MUST HAVE when you create? 

DS: I love to have it be quiet and I love my coffee!

A5: What do you wish you were better at?

DS: I wish I was better at drawing. When I taught school, my students even made fun of my stick people!

A5: What color(s) are you loving right now?

DS: Of course, my color is pink, through and through!

A5: What is your favorite pen?

DS: I don’t really have a favorite pen. I am a pencil girl for journaling and working in my planner.

A5: Photograph your favorite pair of shoes.

DS: My favorite pair of shoes or “Schuhs” are my boys!

To find more inspiration and read all about her latest adventures, visit Debby at her website HERE.