Spotlight Artist: Gina Lee Kim


Sandi Keene writes:

I remember distinctly sitting around the table discussing Spotlight Feature Artists with the other A5 artists and yelling, "Dibs on Gina Lee Kim!" While I did not know Gina personally, I knew that I loved her work and she was a reappearing influence on my watercolor Pinterest board.

Her saturated colors and the ability to make them swirl and dance across the page had been inspiring me ever since I picked up a watercolor brush and dipped it into a cheap set of watercolors.

I knew that I wanted to paint like she does - someday. Little did I know she is a thoughtful, kind and very funny person too. Now my goal is to meet her in person. So it is my pleasure to introduce one of my favorite artists - Gina Lee Kim.

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Gina has taken the time to film a video for us to answer the Spotlight Feature Questionnaire. Enjoy this look into her journals, workspace and process!

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DLP Challenge -  Week 31: Create a pocket and fill it with treasures from your week.

Gina Lee Kim is a watercolor instructor and a mixed-media artist who lives near Chicago with her husband, Jim, and their three-year-old, Stephen. Gina is extremely happy that her son will inherit all her art supplies.