The Documented Life Project - 7/19 (Week 30) Challenge

July 19, 2014 - Week 30 Challenge:  Add receipts, labels, business cards - smash books style!

Lorraine Bell:  see more on her blog HERE

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Sandi Keene: step by step instructions HERE

Rae Missigman: See more details on her blog HERE.

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The Documented Life Project - 7/12 (Week 29) Challenge

July 12, 2014 - Week 29 Challenge:  Make a wish list - draw pictures or cut out images from magazines.

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Sandi Keene: See More Here

Rae Missigman: See the details on her BLOG HERE.

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Lorraine Bell:  See more on her blog HERE.

Barbara Moore--follow her on Instagram HERE

Stencil Girl Blog Hop

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are so excited to share some special news . . . It's DLP Week At Stencil Girl!  The Art to the 5th Artists have been asked to participate in a Stencil Girl Blog Hop all week!  We each have chosen stencils from their beautiful collection found HERE and created our own designs.  Stop by the Stencil Girl Talk blog all week for inspiration and to see who is featured each day!  Stencil Girl will have promotions and giveaways to share also!

Sandi Keene and Lorraine Bell will be featured on Tuesday, July 8th

Rae Missigman and Barbara Moore will be featured on Thursday, July 10th

Roben-Marie Smith will be featured on Friday, July 11th

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Visit Sandi's blog HERE

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Visit Roben-Marie's Blog HERE

Mary Beth Shaw and Andrew Borloz, both DLP members will also be featured during this special week and in honor of Mary Beth's birthday, Stencil Girl will be having some spectacular giveaways and discounts so be sure to stop by their blog for the details.

Art to the 5th extends their sincerest gratitude to the folks at Stencil Girl for asking us to be a part of this grand celebration! 

The Documented Life Project - 7/5 (Week 28) Challenge

July 5, 2014 - Week 28 Challenge:  Add an Instagram or other tiny photo to your page.

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Roben-Marie Smith - See more on her blog HERE!

Rae Missigman - See the details on her blog HERE.

Sandi Keene: See more on her blog HERE

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Lorraine Bell:  See more on her blog HERE

The Documented Life Project - 6/28 (Week 27) Challenge

June 28, 2014 - Week 27 Challenge:  Add a crossword puzzle, suduko, word search.

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Join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™!

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Sandi Keene: See her take on the challenge HERE

Rae Missigman: Find all the details on her BLOG HERE.

Lorraine Bell:  See More on her blog HERE.

Barbara Moore:  Follow her on Instagram HERE

Spotlight Artist Interview: Sarah Martin

Meet our latest spotlight artist: Sarah Martin.

Meet our latest spotlight artist: Sarah Martin.

Spotlight Interview Artist - Sarah Martin as interviewed by Roben-Marie Smith

We are so thrilled to be featuring a very special and talented artist today - Sarah Martin. 

I am a Texas girl at heart but now live in North Carolina. We’ve been here for 11 years and have fallen in love with the beauty of the state. Mountains and beaches abound!

Mixed media is super fun to me and lately I’ve been moving toward the expressive type of mixed media where I just throw everything on the page or canvas with mark making and stencils and washi tape. It’s a way for me to just let go and unwind. I usually do this in my Documented Life Planner. I call it my weekly “explosions!”
I am also in love with sketching with my pencil and watercolor. I usually grab my watercolors when I want to hang out with my husband and watch television as it is less messy.

You can read more about work and ministry on her blog HERE!


A5: You are packing an art travel bag with your Top Five go-to items. Tell us what you choose.

SM:My sketchbook (Or Documented Life Planner), Koi watercolor set, sharpie, paint pens, washi tape.

A5: What is your latest product discovery?

SM: Well, this is not a totally new one to me but a newly discovered love. I am obsessed with the Dylusions Ink Sprays especially for my DLP. When I originally bought them I was tripped up by them. Now that I’m working more expressively and freely I just spray away in my planner. Plus, they seep onto the next page which makes a great ghost image of my stencil and a great start for my next week in the Documented Life!


A5: Tell us about your work space.

SM: I literally have a corner in my kitchen. It doesn’t look pretty and I usually swoop up all the stacks and boxes when I have company. But, I’ve reasoned that by allowing this corner for my work space I can still be present with my family as I work. I can keep an eye and ear on things going on. I usually work in short spurts so this is helpful. I also work on my glass kitchen table which makes it very easy to clean up! Though...I’ve found little spots of paint and ink spray on the floor and walls here and there.

A5: What is one thing you MUST have when you create? (drink, snack, music, lighting, etc)

SM: This might sound really weird. I love having videos playing of my favorite artists as they work. Usually they are videos of classes I’m taking online. Sometimes I work right alongside that video and sometimes I do my own thing. But I like the background noise and it seems as if I feed off of their creativity. Is that seriously weird?

A5: What do you wish you were better at?

SM: Honestly, I’m still very much a student. I take a ton of classes and enjoy learning. I need to get better at honing in on my own style. There is something to be said for doing what your teacher is doing for the sake of learning the technique. But, I’m now at the point where I need to stretch myself and my own creativity.

A5: What color(s) are you loving right now?

SM: I’ve always been obsessed with pink. Every shade of pink. But now, turquoise is my thing. I can’t do a project with out it. Any shade or hue will work for me. The brighter the better!

A5: What is your favorite pen?

SM: The Sharpie pen (not marker) is one that I always make sure I have. I prefer the fine point.

Sarah's art from the The Documented Life Project for Week 26 - Add a bible verse that inspires you  - or a line from your favorite book.  See more on her Blog HERE!

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes:
These are my “infamous” boots. I’ve blogged about them and they are all over my Facebook profile. I’m almost to the point where I really need another pair since I kind of over do them. However, I haven’t yet found a way to work them into my summer wardrobe. It’s a bit hot!


Create It • Mail It • Alter It Workshop (edit with Winners!)

Create It • Mail It • Alter It Workshop

Paint, doodle and stamp “art with an address”. Enjoy this creative New Twist on a Mail Art class with your instructors: Rae Missigman, Roben-Marie Smith, Lorraine Bell and Sandi Keene.

We will each demonstrate our step by step process for creating layered, detailed designs in our signature styles. Watch as we trade pieces via mail to reveal the process of using mail art to construct elements for your planner or art journal.

This is TWO classes in ONE with 17 videos, over 6 hours of instruction, technique and inspiration from 4 distinct points of view. Let us inspire you with ways to create a mailbox treasure sure to delight your recipient PLUS how to turn the mail art you receive into meaningful additions to your favorite project. You supply the postage, we will cover the fun!

Join us as we Create It • Mail It • Alter It!

Our winners of refunded pre-registration are:


Congratulations! Your tuition has been refunded via Paypal!!