The Documented Life Project: 11/22 (Week 48) Challenge

November 22, 2014 - Week 48 Challenge: Depict Gratitude in a creative way. 

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Join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™!

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Meet Our Spotlight Artist - Anna Friesen

Art to the 5th™ is thrilled to shine the spotlight on our talented member, Anna Friesen!

Ladies...and Anna!  Here are her answers to our Spotlight Artist questions.

Q:  Where do you live?
A:  On a sweet little acreage near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Grande with an "e"! :)

Q: What kinds of art do you do? What medium or craft did you start with?
A:  I am quite new at art, unless you call doodles on any paper I can get my hands on as art. Doodling I have done ever since I can remember! I was an avid scrapbooker, documenting me, my husband, and kids' lives, for 19 years.
I occasionally do nature journaling. I really enjoy studying plants and drawing and labeling them. Botany at it's finest.

One day about two years ago, I signed up to Pinterest. A year later, I saw a gorgeous artsy planner on someone's said "The Documented Life Project". Well, golly gosh! That piqued my interest! Make a gorgeous planner?!? YES! Now I doodle, zentangle, watercolor, some mixed media, collage, etc. Really, I am trying almost EVERYTHING!

When I'm stuck, I usually just start adding watercolor to the paper. Last school year my 15 yr old daughter and I hosted a monthly art journaling club with other girls my daughter's age. Hope to continue with that in the new year.

Q: You are packing an art travel bag with your Top Five go-to items. Tell us what you choose.

1. My DLP journal
2. Sharpie markers (the ultra fine-tipped)
3. Water brushes loaded with ink
4. Circle punch
5. Several sets of watercolor pencils.

Usually I pack a whole lot more than that, but I was told to stick to a max of 5. Sheesh! ;)

Q: What is your latest product discovery?
A:  Stationery items, Neocolor crayons, acrylic ink and...Don't get me started. Please? Shhh...

Q: Tell us about your work space.
A: kitchen table. The local Starbucks. My pickup truck console. My sister's kitchen table (which is at least ten feet long. I like doing it there...) I store my stash in our master bedroom, on a book shelf in our living room, in the TV stand, on the floor, empty corners...

Q: What is one thing you MUST have when you create?
A: One thing: the people I love. I usually have my kids around me. They inspire me. I constantly ask for their input and help. My daughter's music plays in the background a lot. The fuller our kitchen table is with my kids' Legos, books and lessons, the better!  Candy like Skittles help too. Also my phone to access Instagram, the DLP FB page, and Pinterest.

Q: What do you wish you were better at?
A: I want to learn to sketch. I see beautiful travel art journals done in watercolor of the buildings they've seen, the food they've eaten, etc, and that really intrigues me! To be able to focus on ONE thing at a time is another biggie for me.   I also want to learn how to incorporate all the beautiful happy mail art I have received this year through the group.

Q: What color(s) are you loving right now?
A: Turquoise, bubblegum pink and lemon yellow.

Q: What is your favorite pen?
A: The Sharpie Ultra-Fine marker. I am starting to appreciate finer-tipped pens like the Prismacolor line, too.

•Photograph your favorite pair of shoes.
I don't wear pretty shoes usually. Can't be bothered with that kind of frivolous detail. Teehee! I usually wear VERY BORING black running shoes. Almost the only shoe I own actually! In my shoe photo, we're saying hello to the fairies.

Here is Anna's interpretation of the Week 47 Challenge - Attach a map of your state or the world. Document something about that map. (Be sure to visit Anna's blog HERE for more details about her take on this week's challenge.

Stay connected to Anna to be inspired by her beautiful work:

Instagram: @annawho


The Secret is Out!

21 Secrets, that is!

For months, I have been dying to share the news and it is finally time!  I am honored and delighted to have been asked to be a guest instructor for 21 Secrets (Spring 2015)!

And what a lineup this coming year!  Yep, that's me up there with all of those amazing artists!

If you aren't familiar with 21 Secrets, it is a community full of art encouragement and sharing. Their mission is to "make art journaling accessible and engaging to creative hearts everywhere!"  Connie Hozvicka, along with Hali Karla of Dirty Footprints Studio does this by inviting 21 artists to share their love of art journaling, their creative process, and their willingness to teach others.  You will have 21 lessons by 21 unique artists; and right now you can sign up HERE at these amazing introductory prices!

Click Logo above to sign up or get more information!

Click Logo above to sign up or get more information!

Don't delay, sign up today to ensure you get the best possible price for this incredible workshop!  Click on the logo below to go directly to the purchase page or click HERE.

Announcing Our DLP Moderators!

With the start up of our new Facebook Group for The Documented Life Project - The Journal™, we have recruited seven wonderful members who will be helping us out.  As you may know already, we at Art to the 5th™ will be "living & working" in the Art to the 5th Academy™ located HERE.  We will not have a presence on Facebook this year because we will be busy in the studio thinking up new and wonderful things for you to do! If you would like us to see your beautiful art work or ask questions of us, just hop on over to the Art to the 5th Academy™ site where you will find us!

Fortunately, we have seven lovely members who will be taking over the enormous task of moderating The Documented Life Project™ 2015 Facebook Group.  You may already know our Moderators (or MOD7's as we like to call them) because they have been extremely active participants in The Documented Life Project™ so far but we wanted to highlight them all right here so you can get to know them better!  Please join us in welcoming and thanking these wonderful Artists (in alphabetical order) who so graciously have volunteered for this job!



My name is Miranda Banks and I am an artist of many trades, one being of traditional painting in many different styles and subject matters and a mixed media/art journaling artist which has brought me happily to the Fantabulous Documented Life Project. I have just recently graduated from college with an art degree and have used it as best I can by teaching at my studio in town and doing commissions for people where I live. Art is my life, I would find it hard to breath without it. May God Bless you all this up coming year and may we in return bless him!

Follow me here:  Etsy, Facebook, Instagram (@clareplantation26), YouTube, Blog



My name is Anna Friesen and Art is a part of my daily life. More often than not, I have an artsy mess on my kitchen table, mixed in with my kids' lessons and books! I am a home educating, stay-at-home mom of three living in a rural area near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Follow Me Here:  Blog, Facebook, Instagram (annawho)



My name is Chris Gromann and I'm a self-taught painter,  that loves all expressions of art. I live in Brazil, Sāo Paulo. This was my first year in art journaling, and thanks to Art to the 5th, now it is one of my passions. I believe that art is the best way to express yourself, to see the world and to achieve self-knowledge!



I'm Jane Keeling and live in a little seaside village called Marske-by-the-sea , on the North east coast of England, which is my art inspiration. I absolutely love mixed media art and journaling and can always be found with paint stained hands. I'm a real home loving girl, with a very patient husband, two wonderful grown children (one of each) and two cuddly border collie dogs. My profession was a nurse in Primary Schools, teaching 3 to 5 year olds but I had to retire at an early age due to being disabled from a car accident. Hence lots of time for ART!!!



My name is Erin Stahl and some of my earliest memories are making things and laughing with my mom around our "art shop" table. Creativity is still the spark that lights my life as I pass a love of art down to my own daughter. I'm a graphic designer and artist working out of my home in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA. When I'm not making things, I can often be found exploring the twin cities with my husband and daughter, riding my bike, snapping pictures, and enjoying the company of our two dogs.



My name is Lois Stoneking and I am a wife of 29 years and mother of two kids ages 21 and 18 years old. I live in West Virginia, USA and work full-time in a large medical clinic. A couple of years ago I stumbled on an art journaling video and fell in love. Since then, art has become my favorite past time and my way to wind down after a stressful day.



My name is Shawna Strange and I'm from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA and I stumbled upon mixed media 3 years ago and I knew, in my heart, it was something I needed in my life.  I am a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys.  We have a very active lifestyle but I try to incorporate art once a week (as my goal) and so thankful to have found DLP last January to be able to accomplish that goal.

We hope that you will welcome them all and enjoy their sparkling personalities as they engage with you and make sure you stay on the "nice" list and not the "naughty" list.  Santa is watching!

The Documented Life Project: 11/15 (Week 47) Challenge

November 15, 2014 - Week 47 Challenge:  Attach a map of your state or the world. Document something about that map.

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Join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™!

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The Documented Life Project: 11/8 (Week 46) Challenge

November 8, 2014 - Week 46 Challenge:  Incorporate Fabric onto your page. 

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Join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™!

Roben-Marie Smith - See the details on her blog HERE.

Lorraine Bell - See more info on her blog HERE.

Rae Missigman: See all the details on HER BLOG HERE.

The Documented Life Project 2015 - The Journal

Welcome to our bold new adventure! You have amazed us with your art and courage which has inspired us to celebrate the artist within each of us with more art and more techniques. Documenting our lives this year will mean telling our stories through art and words. (Yes, it is still FREE!)

We are so excited to share our vision of storytelling through color, texture and technique. Working our way through 52 prompts, we will build our confidence and fill our tool chest with elements that we will reach for over and over again.

To add to the excitement, we have gathered an amazing line up of superstars including Dyan Reaveley, Dina Wakley, Gina Lee Kim and Stephanie Ackerman to inspire us with their documenting art styles. The project is FREE and perfect for both the beginner and experienced art journaler.

Join us as we begin a transformative year filling the blank page before us…
the rest is still unwritten.

Every adventure deserves a well chosen vehicle. For our journey, we have chosen:

Dylusions Journal by Dyan Reaveley - (11.3" x 8.75”)

We love 'it’s just right size,' sturdy pages, affordability and the envelope inside to store goodies. It is available HERE.  We have been in contact with Ranger and Dyan so they could prepare for us.
Note: as always you may use what journal/planner or notebook you might prefer.

Once we had our journals in our hands, we wanted to create a new OPTIONAL paid workshop, Cover Story, to share how we developed our covers into pieces of art we can’t stop touching.

Note:  If you are in the UK, visit Dyan's shop HERE.

Anticipation, apprehension, excitement…

A new journal equals blank pages filled with unlimited possibility, of personal challenges and of achieving new levels. It deserves a cover you can’t stop touching!

Instructors Lorraine Bell, Sandi Keene, Rae Missigman and Roben-Marie Smith share their distinct technique filled cover designs. 4 artists, 4 classes, 4+ hours of step by step video instruction on how to collage, doodle, grunge, gelli plate, sketch, paint and watercolor your way to a cover that you will love. Choose one design or collect your favorite techniques from each artist and blend them into a style all your own.

Use these designs on art journal covers, journal pages, cards and gifts. These designs are not limited to an art journal cover.  Each instructor has condensed hours of video into one hour of techniques, insights and products that make facing the blank page exhilarating.

*Created for DLP 2015: The Journal but suitable for any journal cover.

The Documented Life Project: 10/31 (Week 45) Challenge

October 31, 2014 - Week 45 Challenge:  Add a tab of some kind to your page.  What is a tab?  Visit our blogs to see all the ways we interpreted "tabs" onto our pages.

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Join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™!

Rae Missigman: See the details on HER BLOG HERE

Lorraine Bell - Details are on her blog HERE:


Sandi Keene: See details on her blog HERE

Roben-Marie Smith - See details on her blog HERE!

Barbara Moore: follow her on Instagram HERE

Spotlight Artist: April Cole

We are so excited to be featuring April Cole front and center this month, in the spotlight where she belongs! 

You will love reading more about what this amazing gal has to share! Here are her answers to our Spotlight Artist questions.

1. Name and state (city or region if desired) - 

 I am currently living on Whidbey Island, nestled deep within the forest. Tho my heart belongs to "SUNNY" Southern California where I grew up. After college, I've spent most my art career teaching, as an Art Instructor. Teaching throughout the Los Angeles School Discrict, Private Schools, Neighborhood Charter Programs, Religious Educationl Programs and at Local Art Community Centers.Students ranging from K-12 grade level, were given the basic concepts of art. My curriculum consisted of The Seven Elements of Art and The Priniciples of Design. To this day, I hold strong to the belief, that each creator of their craft utilizes at least one of these elements when it comes art. 

2. What kinds of art do you do? What medium or craft did you start with?

Mixed media. 

I enjoy it all. I don't try to limit myself to just one style, product, or technique. I try to be open minded, have the wiliness to explore, except improvement as a learning tool, and have a strong passion towards the skill- this allows for achievement or simply having fun! I took up an interest with ART by drawing, crafting, and hand-sewing at a very young age. It stuck to my soul, has been my best friend when I've needed company, and I carry it along with me everywhere I go. ART and I have a very long history together, my companion for life. Both intellectually and spiritually. 

3. You are packing an art travel bag with your Top Five go-to items. Tell us what you choose.

    Moleskine journal

    Durwent watercolor pencils

    Several stamps & ink pad 

    Water-fill paintbrush 

    Charcoal pencil 

My pages in my journals are usually prepped with paint, stencils designs, or pasted collage elements... Ready to go!! 

4. What is your latest product discovery?

It isn't really a product discovery, My latest discovery is realizing how much I enjoy cutting out my own stencil patterns. 

5. Tell us about your work space.

My art studio is literally wall to wall with everything that inspires me. I don't think there is an inch of space that doesn't serve a purpose, hold order to art supplies, or give sentimental meaning to me. 

6. What is one thing you MUST have when you create? (drink, snack, music, lighting, etc)

Natural lighting, painter's paper roll, and a few rags for spills. Things can get messy and I choose never to worry about the mess during the process of creating.

7. What do you wish you were better at?

Disciplining myself to stick to the task at hand. I will literally have anywhere between 4 to 6 art projects going at the same time.  Each has their own little station, draft/project tutorial, a supply list, and due date.    

8. What color(s) are you loving right now?

Colors that I am drawn towards are neon pink, turquoise, golden yellow and black- (which we all know is not a color to the color spectrum of art) 

9. What is your favorite pen?

My go to pen is the uni-ball signo retractable pen (black) 

10. Photograph your favorite pair of shoes.

Boots!! Got to have my boots. I will wear them year around. Do or die... Battle to the end. I will admit, sometimes the sun will win and that is allowed. 

We want you to read even more about this talented artist, so head over to her blog HERE where you can find all sorts of inspiration and artsy stuff! 

The Documented Life Project: 10/25 (Week 44) Challenge

October 25, 2014 - Week 44 Challenge:  Incorporate leaves (real or drawn/painted) onto your page in a creative way.

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Join us on The Art to the 5th™ Academy™ - a thriving "community" and classroom for The Documented Life Project™!

Sandi Keene: See More HERE

Rae Missigman: See the details on HER BLOG HERE.

Roben-Marie Smith - See the details on her blog HERE!

Lorraine Bell - Read about it on her blog HERE