Spotlight Artist Interview: Andrew Borloz

Andrew Borloz

Andrew Borloz

Spotlight Artist

by Barbara Moore

Greetings!  We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our 'fellow' documenters.  Andrew has been sharing our Documented Life Project creative journey since we launched mid-December 2013.

Artistry to the max--every page bursting with inspirational techniques and a personal perspective.

Aren't his Weekly Challenge pages AMAZING?!  I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and oohing/aahing over his XXXXL planner when he traveled south for some Florida sunshine.  Andrew is Mr. Personality Plus--a charming, energetic storyteller!  Our delightful time together was too short--here's hoping that our paths will cross again soon, preferably in an art studio!

Andrew with 3 of our Art to the 5th (Art5) gals....Rae, Roben-Marie and Sandi (yep, as the Life Photographer, I'm behind the lens!)

We adore '&rew' and vote ourselves as his #1 FANS!

Now you can get to know him better--here is his Spotlight Artist Interview:

A5:  Name and state

AB:  Andrew Borloz, New Jersey

A5:  What kinds of art do you do? What medium or craft did you start with?

AB:  When I was a little kid, I played a lot with cardboard, food packaging and paper towel tubes.  After visiting New York World's Fair in 1964, I got involved in architectural model-making of the various pavilions using wooden blocks, paper, cardboard, plastics and electrical wires (for lighting).  During my elementary and high school years, I made a lot of tree ornaments and flowers (plastic & felt). I then went to college and got my training in industrial & exhibit design which includes sketching (for conceptual & design ideas), marker renderings (for presentation to the clients) and engineering drawings (for tooling & mass production purposes). After working for various design consultancy companies for 7 years, I left the design field to go back to graduate school for masters degree in computer science. While working for a pharmaceutical company for 17 years, I traveled to various art retreats & workshops to learn the basics of acrylics, bookbinding, and mixed media.   I now do collage, painting, stenciling, letterpress printing, nature printing, printmaking, book binding, journaling, hand-lettering and designing.

A5: You are packing an art travel bag with your Top Five go-to items. Tell us what you choose. 

AB: First of all, I must have a digital camera so that I can take pictures of my work in progress. I often find many different textures & colors which I used in my digital work. Secondly, a box of mark-making tools - mostly paint markers.Thirdly, a small pair of scissors. Fourthly, tapes and glue sticks. Lastly, but not the least important, a journal book.

A5: What is your latest product discovery?

AB: Faber-Castell's Gelatos. I am not crazy about the name as it reminds me too much of the wonderful ice cream that I had back in 1990 on Isola Bella, an island located on the Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. I am now in the process of developing techniques with them for my stenciling projects.

A5: Tell us about your work space.

AB: My work space is dependent on what I am creating. The studio space that I used to have is now more of a warehouse than a work space - it is not currently well-organized and the reorganization is one of the projects on my list. I also used to have my own workshop before I went to college, and it is currently used as a food storage room - I would like to reclaim it as a workshop & studio. I often used the garage for spraying, top surfaces of the washing machine & dryer in the laundry room for stenciling and acrylic painting projects, my father's workshop (shown in photo) for metal and wood working, and the dining table in the kitchen for writing, collaging and journaling. The photo shows one of my workspaces - it was my father's workshop before he passed away and I used it for making videos of my DLP book.


A5: What is one thing you MUST have when you create? (drink, snack, music, lighting, etc)

AB: A well-organized space where I know where everything is. 

A5: What do you wish you were better at?

AB: For a long time, I have been focusing on more on what I can do and don't even think about what I can't do.  However, creating cohesive assemblages with three-dimensional objects is something I would like to do better.

A5: What color(s) are you loving right now?

AB: Citrus fruity colors such as lime green, lemon yellow, neon orange, and red grapefruit. 

A5: What is your favorite pen?

AB: Lamy Safari Fountain pen.

Here is Andrew's interpretation of our Week 17 Challenge (Draw or Photograph your Favorite Pair of Shoes):

Andrew's creative versatility is evident in his body of work.  Here are a few examples:

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High Five, Andrew,  from us Art5 gals -- we appreciate your willingness to share about yourself and your creative process with us and our DLP Members!

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April 19, 2014 - Week 17 Challenge - Photograph or draw your favorite shoes.

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Planner Pages Art to the 5th™ Style Workshop...

Color, photos, style and whimsy - we all want it on our planner pages but how???

Here is your answer - step-by-step video instructions from each artist on how they:

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•find that sense of whimsy
•develop a distinct style and voice

Join the Art to the 5th™ artists as they take you through from blank page to finished product in 12 videos (4.5 hours). See tips, tricks, creating your own embellishments, color choices, working with different mediums (acrylic paint, mono printing, colored pencils, paint pens, etc.) as they create their planner pages. Let us help you change the way you look at your planner, your creativity and your abilities!

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“I struggled with the process, just couldn't get my head around the planner side of things, never been much of a planner, but love the idea, you know how that of course I pretty much gave up on most all of it recently...but after watching the videos I'm feeling newly inspired, and most definitely looking at it all differently.  I also add my HUGE THANKS to the lovely ladies that are Art to the 5th for all of their amazing talent, and time they spend on this entire process/group & classes, and their graciousness in sharing their knowledge.“ Kristine P.

“Thank you so much Rae, wonderful video's. Full of such inspiration and fun ideas. I love that you use almost everything you have to create such gorgeous and meaningful pages. Your video's were a real treat to watch ...and I will surely re-watch as well. Thank you again for putting together such great information!” -Alice R.

“Gorgeous planner page!  So many great ideas in your videos, too! I totally get "the busier it gets the more I love it" thing - that is so my style, too!” -Donna J.

“To the art5 lady's: thank you so so much for sharing your talents! I'm inspired to try more new things” -An Z.

“I have completely loved the class. It has over 4 hours of video! I appreciate so much seeing the different perspectives and approaches from the 5 administrators. Thank you all so much for your generosity in sharing your processes.” -April M.

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The Documented Life Project- 4/5 (Week 15) Challenge

April 5, 2014 - Week 15 Challenge - Monochromatic: use shades, tints and hues of one color!

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March 29, 2014 Challenge - Week 14 - Write your name and embellish it.

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Snap & Share Workshop - Roben-Marie Smith

Snap & Share Workshop

From Phone or Camera to Project - this video-based class gets those lovely photos off your camera roll and onto FOUR artsy mixed media photo projects perfect for display or gifting.  I will share with you the process I use to prepare my photos to send off to my local printer or print at home and/or my favorite online sources.

Step-by-step video tutorials take you through the process of creating these four artful projects. Follow along in my style or in your own - your choice. These projects are especially designed for any skill level. Beginners will be comfortable while advanced students can take off and make these as detailed as they desire. This class is for everyone, yes, YOU!

Check out all the detail HERE!

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