Planner Pages Art

Planner Pages Art

Color, photos, style and whimsy – we all want it on our planner pages but how???

Here is your answer – step-by-step video instructions from four artists on how they:

  • create colorful backgrounds
  • add words & photos
  • find that sense of whimsy
  • develop a distinct style and voice

Join four of the Art to the 5th™ artists as they take you through from blank page to finished product in 10 videos. See tips, tricks, creating your own embellishments, color choices, working with different mediums (acrylic paint, mono printing, colored pencils, paint pens, etc.) as they create their planner pages. Let us help you change the way you look at your planner, your creativity and your abilities!

Unlimited access to videos, available whenever you want them. Supply lists from each artists on what they used and when possible a link to where to purchase it.

See you in the Studio!!

Our fine print: videos are not downloadable, no PDF’s provided, this class covers planner pages NOT challenge pages, once you have purchased the videos there will be no refunds.  One student per purchase. No splitting/sharing classes.


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  3. Please read the directions on the “Welcome” page.
  4. If you have not registered with our workshop site called Art to the 5th Academy please register.  It is FREE!  You will need to be a member before accessing the classroom.

Workshop Details

  • Open Registration – Take the workshop anytime!  There is no close date!
  • This class is self-paced and all materials are available to you.  Join in when you want and finish on your schedule!
  • A private site has been set up for all class attendees. FREE registration with the site is required in order to attend workshop.
  • NOTE: Once payment has been made directions will be e-mailed to you with directions for access.  Please allow from 24-36 hours for information to be sent.
  • Videos are not available for download.
  • The tuition is non-refundable once access has been given to registrants.

Planner Pages Art

What Students Are Saying

“ Best $19 investment ever! Thank you so much!” -Rene J.

“I struggle the most with the journaling, not much of a writer but have always wanted to. The idea of journaling with stickers and other embellishments for me was one of the best tips. Now I can’t wait to start!! I think these ladies are awesome!!! LOVE THEM!!!!” –Maribel E.

“The Art 5’s new workshop was money amazingly spent. It gave me a new perspective on things I have in the house. The workshop gave me a better idea on what to do on weeks where my life seems boring. It taught me how to let go of perfection.
It is kind that each artist has at least two videos up plus lists of what they use. And detailed lists. It’s the best $19 I have spent. Thank-you, ladies. I love your new workshop.” -Robin D.

“The videos have really helped me to see a different way of recording rather than simply “art” for art’s sake. I’m also changing how I see DLP and seeing far more possibilities than I had before. Thanks for all you ladies do for us!! You are all so positive and generous, not to mention extremely talented. I’m honored to be part of this fab group – it has really changed me and helped me to grow! Thank you!!” -Susan H.

“I’m learning so much, trying to embrace imperfection and using things in ways I hadn’t thought of before. The videos are great and I’ve already watched some more than once. Thanks Art5 ladies! You rock!! -Shawn R.

“I struggled with the process, just couldn’t get my head around the planner side of things, never been much of a planner, but love the idea, you know how that goes…so of course I pretty much gave up on most all of it recently…but after watching the videos I’m feeling newly inspired, and most definitely looking at it all differently. I also add my HUGE THANKS to the lovely ladies that are Art to the 5th for all of their amazing talent, and time they spend on this entire process/group & classes, and their graciousness in sharing their knowledge.“ Kristine P.

“Thank you so much Rae, wonderful video’s. Full of such inspiration and fun ideas. I love that you use almost everything you have to create such gorgeous and meaningful pages. Your video’s were a real treat to watch …and I will surely re-watch as well. Thank you again for putting together such great information!” -Alice R.

“Gorgeous planner page! So many great ideas in your videos, too! I totally get “the busier it gets the more I love it” thing – that is so my style, too!” -Donna J.

“To the art5 lady’s: thank you so so much for sharing your talents! I’m inspired to try more new things” -An Z.

“I have completely loved the class. I appreciate so much seeing the different perspectives and approaches from the administrators. Thank you all so much for your generosity in sharing your processes.” -April M.