Painting Vs Drawing Basic Comparison

Painting Vs Drawing Basic Comparison

Painting Vs Drawing Information

There is a significance difference between painting and drawing not only in  definition but also techniques and types of the respective arts as interviewed by Rae Missigman

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Painting – by definition painting refers to artwork that uses brushes as the primary tool and paint colors and the primary medium. Despite the kind of brush, you use, the work will still be grouped into paintings.

Drawing – drawing on the other hand is art that can be achieved without a brush and paint. It could be a pencil, chalk, color pencils, pen and other things.


Painting – today, we have the curtsey of enjoying paintings of all kinds including diverse peoples, abstract art and day to day scenes. In the past, paintings were very rare and were mostly created to depict scenes from the bible.  The transformation of art started in the renaissance period and this led to changes in art and how it was created overall. Oil paint was created during these times ad acrylic resin followed suit several years later.

Drawing – drawing history stretched back to the prehistoric period. the earliest know drawings date back to 30,00-bc. Fruits, animals and human figures are some of the first drawings discovers. This artform gained popularity in the 1400s in Europe and was incorporated into paintings during the Renaissance Period.

Painting Vs Drawing Basic Comparison


Painting – today, painting is considered so much like drawing especially because it incorporates some drawing techniques. The difference is, painting is considered to be a wet art because of the use of paint and brushes, learn more about wet art by clicking here. Also, there is a variation in how the final outcomes of paintings are achieved.  When painting, it is important to prep the surface before you start. For instance, you need to set the base and choose the tone of colors you will use before you start.

Drawing – drawing is considered to be a dry art because there is no use of brushes, paints, watercolors and so on. The main materials employed for this artistic technique are pencils.  The approach to drawing and starting a drawing is very different to that of painting. First, you have to get the measurements and scale of all subjects of the drawing before you can start.

Types of paintings

There are 4 main types of paintings named; watercolors paints, acrylic paintings, oil painting and glass painting. Water color painting is done with watercolors but does not produce a professional outcome. Acrylics is very popular and produces vibrant colors. It is water soluble but water resistant when dry.

Types of drawings

The 4 mot popular drawing types include portraits, landscape drawings, doodles, cartooning, technical drawing and digital drawing. Digital drawing is one of the most popular form of arts in this category today. Technical drawing is popular in architecture, interior design and fashion.

Final word

For a beginner, it is very natural to wonder if there are differences between painting and drawing. Defining differences between the two will help you understand each concept and techniques well so you can master your art better