How To Get Rid Of Creativity Burnout – Find Artistic Inspiration

How To Get Rid Of Creativity Burnout – Find Artistic Inspiration

Artistic Inspiration

Artists can be some of the biggest procrastinators, especially when we are feeling uninspired and uncreative. Days can turn into weeks and eventually months if you do not do something about it. The truth is, lack of inspiration is natural and common amongst all artists.

This stage can be a bit frustrating, especially if you depend on your art for your business. It’s a feeling of unproductiveness that no one likes. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is get rid of it entirely.

Here are some tips that will help you get over the temporary creativity burnout

Keep the art tools and supplies easily accessible

In order to start a painting, you need to set up the canvas, paints, stand, your plans, and everything. Digging into your boxes, drawers, and closets can get exhausting and mess up any ideas you had in your head about painting. Keeping the supplies organized and in one location will make it easier for you to start up. Not to mention, the clean-up process will be way easier and this will motivate you to paint more.

Show up

The least you can do is show up to your studio, even with the little inspiration you have. If you do not walk around with a notebook where you write your ideas, it may explain why you can never implement your ideas once you are in the studio.

Writing your ideas down keeps them fresh until you have to use them when you get to the studio. Also, without any ideas, you could engage in activities like reading, and organizing to stimulate your creativity.

Take plenty of pictures of places and things you find eye-catching

Inspiration often comes from seeing things that we really like. Taking photos will not only help you create more ideas in your mind but you also get to use your photos as reference making your work the original. Images from google and other search websites may be copyrighted which makes your creation less valuable.

How To Get Rid Of Creativity Burnout – Find Artistic Inspiration

Collect references and keep them organized in a file

Once you take pictures for inspiration, make sure you print them and save them in a designated file for pictures you would like to paint. You can also get a hard drive to store the images in a less bulky way.

Keeping your pictures organized digitally or otherwise provides you a great resource for reference whenever you are feeling creative, keeping pictures organized will help you promote your website while you are making content for content marketing as you may need pictures of your business for promoting your business on social platforms. When you are lacking some inspiration, all you need is to pop out that file or hard drive to get some.

Start by doodling

The truth is, sometimes as an artist you do not know where to start, even when you have inspirational images saved up. In this case, you can start by drawing random things on your canvas until you get a good idea of where to start.

Sometimes inspiration does not come even when you follow the tips named above. This is where it gets hard for most artists and can lead you to make irrational decisions about your life as an artist. you have to understand that you are not always going to have a creative and productive day at the studio, which is fine and the first step to finding the right solution.