How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Behind every successful social media marketer, there is a strategy and well-plotted plan.

A strategy in social media marketing is the thing that you as a marketer need to do to achieve your objectives. In other words, a strategy can be defined as the place where you are heading to and a plan is all the steps you have to follow to get where you want to go.

However, without proper planning, no strategy can be executed or achieved.  Poor planning in social media marketing exposes the whole thing to unpredicted risks and crises.

This post is here to guide social media marketers on how to build a social media marketing strategy and how to execute it.

Aspects to Consider Before Coming up With a Social Media Strategy

Presently, a lot of social media marketers and e-commerce site developers are out there broadcasting and mailing just for the sake of it.  It could be as a result of not having set objectives or overlooking the goals that they established earlier

This in return has made it difficult for them to identify their audience. It has also made it more difficult for them to come up with strategic plans to bring their customers back into the business.

If you are among them, this is what you should do to get back on the right track: Below is the first steps and questions that you should be able to follow and answer before you kick-off.

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Strategy 1: Why Social Media\ Digital Marketing?

Why do you want to take your business to social media? If you can answer this question then you are at the very first step to building a successful social media strategy. Below are some of the reasons why you should seize social media or digital marketing and the steps to follow to achieve it. learn more about social media strategy at

Strategy 2: Know Reasons Why You Should Take Your Business to Digital Marketing Ireland

Use it To Identify Your Audience and Serve Customers Expertly

You can excellently serve and show support to your customer via social media marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter. Such channels help business owners meet buyers and vice versa.

Here questions can easily be asked and answered providing effective customer care services.

Digital Marketing Helps You Know What to Share and How To Promote it

You can effectively promote your goods on social media by identifying channels with the most outstanding hashtags.

Doing this will help you identify and participate in the topics that are trending at that particular moment.

Once you are aware of the topics, you will be able to identify their interests and that is where you bring in your products and create a group.

In the group, you can administer debates and also offer outstanding advertisements. Here you can share or upload videos that contain the products and specifications. Later is when you can embrace email marketing.

Creative Digital Media Helps Drive Traffic

As much as social media is one of the best ways for business people to send traffic to their sites, the whole thing is not like a walk in the park. However, here are easy steps you need to follow to draw traffic to your site.

Impress your audience with crucial visuals. With visual content, there is an 80% chance that your buyers will buy from you. Visual contents are signs of assurance. Here Instagram comes in very handy.

Let your content be mobile-friendly.

Strategy 3: Where and When do You Plan to Share?

In this business, it’s wiser to use more than two social media aisles. Below are some examples of Such channels in which you can share your content:  including the audience age brackets that suits each;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter – best for building insight
  • Instagram – preferably for a young audience
  • YouTube – both for young and elderly
  • LinkedIn – 30 to 40 years
  • TikTok – 18 to 24 years

About the question of when is the correct time to share, here is a piece of advice.

The whole business in social media marketing depends on the audience’s calendar. For example, sports enthusiasts are usually on social media during, after, or before the kickoff of such events in search of more info related to sports.

During such periods is when you can produce content related to sports. So, at the end of the day, it all comes back to your audience’s behavior.


Now that you’ve come up with a strategic plan, the big question is, how are you going to execute it? Are you going to involve a social media consultant? or are you going to DIY? Whatever you do, never overlook your objectives.