As we look back we see we were gathered together by a Divine Plan that was not immediately evident.  Distinct hearts that uncovered a common bond of art, of friendship, of open-hearted sharing. Once discovered, then tested, the bonds were strengthened by love and the exponential power of FRIENDSHIP was revealed.



Bell, Lorraine - Artist.Wanderer.Dreamer

Lorraine is a mixed media artist with a love of the fine arts. From her lakeside studio in central Florida, she fills her time painting, writing and making travel plans. She combines these three passions to create illustrated art journals bursting with color and memories.

As an art store owner in the Cayman Islands, she supported local artists by hosting art events and becoming an expert on mediums and substrates. Now back in the US and owner of Serendipity Studios, Lorraine's need for organization combined with creativity inspired the planner that became the foundation of The Documented Life Project.

Lorraine is a lover of all things random and spontaneous and you will never catch her without a camera or a bag of art supplies so she can capture unexpected moments.  She says that while her Catholic faith keeps her grounded and spending time with her family keeps her heart full, laughing and creating with friends is her favorite diversion.

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Keene, Sandi

Sandi delights in all things involving paper, paint and a good doodle pen. Scrapbooking was her entry into paper arts and she has never looked back, now focusing on watercolor, mail art and doodling.

As the creator of Secret Lake Retreat, she built what she most desired - a community of creative women who value friendship as much as their art supplies. Retreat weekends are circled in red in her planner with a countdown running in her head.

Sandi loves words, translucent colors, well-made plans and the mountains of NC.  Not to mention her family and dogs who live with her in FL.

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Missigman, Rae

Rae's mission is to integrate found objects into her art and environment. Artist, instructor and designer, Rae is best known for creating beauty - whether in her home, her latest textile project, or color filled art journals, she demonstrates her distinctive feminine style.

Vintage textiles, wool, burlap and aged metals are incorporated into objects for daily life making the ordinary into tactile treasures that find their way into art publications, her Etsy shop and boutiques in the south.

A devoted mother of five, she is happiest in her FL home studio where she balances family and her work.


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Smith, Roben-Marie

Roben-Marie's mission is claiming happiness for herself and others through her rule-breaking combination of colors.

Artist, blogger, designer, owner of Paperbag Studios, LLC and instructor, Roben-Marie is often either geeking out behind her Mac or painting in her Florida home studio. As a woman of faith, she believes that serving others through inspiration, encouragement and instruction is a priority. A desire to learn and an unquenchable curiosity keeps her fingers messy and her heart happy.

Roben-Marie's work can be found in industry publications, art journaling books, her Etsy shop and on her blog. Her unique blending of color, elements and design makes her pieces unmistakably recognizable. Her style has been translated to canvas, journals, fabric, stamps, artist papers and most notably, mail art and Art Pops™ artist cards and accessories.

With a following that regularly demands the next workshop and product line, Roben-Marie shares her joy of mixed media and inspires the artist inside every heart wondering if they have the courage to claim it.

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