Help with Questions

1. I paid for DLP 2016 and I don't see the class?

Thank you for joining us. Here are your solutions-

  • Give us up to 18 hours to process your payment.  We are in the USA and it may be nighttime here. We manually put you in your class.  It can take some time. Thanks for your patience.
  • Make sure you are signed into the Academy.  Your name appears in the upper right hand corner of the Academy screen when you are signed in.  If it says Sign In/Sign Up - you need to sign in. Then click on the DLP 2016 icon and you will enter the classroom.  If you are not a member of the Academy yet, sign up! It's free and that is where your class will be.
  • We have a LONG list of people with whom we are trying to make contact. Your Paypal name and address do not match up with an Academy name. Please email us at arttothe5th and tell us your Academy name and email address.  We will get you right in your class.

2. I want to join the DLP 2016 FB group!


  • You MUST be a member of the DLP 2016 class. If your FB name isn't the same as your Academy name, we don't know who you are. Please email us at arttothe5th and tell us your Academy name and your FB name.  We will get you in.
  • Not a member of DLP 2016 yet? Sign up Here

3. Where do I find supplies?

 Check out the supply list in the classroom. Want exactly what we are using? Visit our store HERE. Feel free to use your stash and substitute as you like,

4. I want to gift the class - how?

Gifting is easy -
1. go HERE and purchase the class
2. In the Notes to the Merchant on the Paypal Screen tell us the name of recipient and her email address
3. We will contact her and get her setup in the Academy and in her class.

5. I think I paid twice!

No problem.  Please email us at arttothe5th and we will issue a refund.

6. Do I have to do FB to do DLP 2016?

Not at all.  Everything you need is in the classroom.  There is community in the classroom gallery section. 

7. I need more help!

Email us at arttothe5th