The Original Documented Life Project™ - February 21 Challenge

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 21
Art Challenge:  Repeating Elements
Journal Prompt:  It's Worth Repeating

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This week our featured artists are: Erin Stahl and Avery Stahl!

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Erin shares her process:

The Challenge: Layering is one of my favorite techniques, so this week was right up my alley! For the repeating elements/"it's worth repeating" portion of the challenge, I went literal (Circles! Lots of circles!) and also thought about repeating elements in my creative process. I grew up doing art projects alongside my mom, an experience "worth repeating" as I draw and paint with my 9 year old daughter, Avery.

Making the page: I began by filling a page of tissue paper with my handwritten thoughts on the challenge, written with a permanent felt tip pen, and collaged it onto the gessoed page with matte medium. Next I laid down a thin layer of white paint to partially obscure the writing (I wanted the texture of those words more than I wanted legibility), then used acrylic paint to fill in some establishing color. Next I added decorative paper in a few areas to add some textural interest. With the background well on it's way, I got out my drawing supplies. I began working on my circle pattern with a sketch & wash pencil, loosely inspired by a quilt pattern. My other main element is a lily, a flower I grow in my garden and fell in love with sketching years ago as a student. Last, I went back in with some final touches of gelatos and acrylic paint to unify the layout. I used a date stamp to mark my spaces on the journal portion, which I like to use as a gratitude journal each week. Thanks for looking!

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Avery's shares her process:

My page fits the challenge because I used a bunch of dots representing snowballs on it.  I also repeated puzzle pieces. I painted a puzzle with acrylic paints and added roses and rose petals and snowflakes to it.  I made a snowman in the corner to make a wintery and fun page.

How lucky are we to get a peek into the Mother/Daughter Art team in the Stahl family! Thank you both for participating!

NOTE: The Art to the 5th Artists are rotating months this year so not every artists will be participating every week.

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