Spotlight Artist: Leike Michelow

This month, we asked Leike Michelow to be our featured artist and to spotlight her lovely personality and art work!  Leike (pronounced Lake-eh) has been a member of The Documented Life Project from the very beginning and as most of you know, she has graced our pages with her encouragement, beautiful art, and her friendship.  She is one of our biggest cheerleaders and it gives us great pleasure to share her journey with you this week!

In her own words, Leike says, " after more than 20 years without making any kind of artistic creation, I shyly ‎started to grab my pens and brushes again, almost as when a child experiment with painting and his fingers as a way of painting. I will always be grateful to the two artist that greatly influenced me and inspired me to get re-acquainted with my dormant artistic side ;the two artist I'm referring to are Roben Marie Smith and Traci Bautista.  I would also like to thank Art to the 5th artist, and specially Lorraine Conte Bell for her continuous support, and friendship and for have given me this opportunity. "


We hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about Leike!  Please visit her blog to learn more about her process and enjoy a flip-through video of her planner!

You can find Leike here: