Documenting My Daily Life - Rae Missigman

Documenting my daily life has been an eye opening experience for me. I used to dread the daily grind, going through the actions, the repetitive routine that a busy home and family life offers- well, at least the writing it all down part. It was uninspiring.

I crave organization and keeping an agenda was never a question for me. I have to admit though, that for all the art I created, all the time I spent in the studio, all the projects I worked on, it never occurred to me to do more than doodle in my calendar as I went through the motions of keeping our life on schedule.

And then I started Documenting. With The Documented Life Project I have learned to make our crazy life beautiful. I no longer dread adding 17 different "have to be heres" to my planner. I look forward to sketching, stitching and painting in my daily reminders.

Let's be real here- making my calendar beautiful has not made my life any less crazy. The bad and ugly days are still there, but they are worth remembering too. Most often, one disappointing day, is surrounded by 6 more that are lovely. Life isn't always "pretty." Just because I have bad days doesn't mean I don't want to remember them. Taking special note of a failed day reminds me that I have to try hard, that I have to want more.

Original "Documented" Painting on Canvas Board- 4x4 Magnet

I look forward to documenting both the good and the bad this year. I anticipate more good than bad. I pray for inspiration and patience and strength as I make my way through a year that is sure to surprise me on many fronts. Will I fall behind? Probably. Will I create every single challenge? Probably not. Will I give up? Most certainly no. I want this for myself. I need this. Documenting is important and therapeutic and on most days, even a little bit creative!

As with all things artistic, one things leads to another. There is no greater springboard to creativity than creativity itself. I hope you will keep making art, keep challenging yourself and most importantly- KEEP DOCUMENTING!

It's your life! Document it!

Rae Missigman

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