The Documented Life Project Attends CHA

Anaheim, California was the site of the 2014 Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show and the Documented Life Project was there!  Lorraine, Roben-Marie and Sandi attended CHA with the goals of searching for new product lines that would work in the DLP. We scoured the floor for fun embellishments that would fit into our planners, colorful washi tape that sticks and pens that do not bleed through those thin Moleskine calendar pages. We found all three! (details to come)

Photo Jan 10, 2 16 02 PM.jpg

What we did not expect to find was DLP participants everywhere we turned! We were absolutely thrilled to meet you, to spend some time hugging and signing each other's planners and mostly, to share stories of what the project means to us. It was truly goose bump time. We were so humbled by your responses, we listened carefully to your ideas and suggestions and hoped we did not miss anyone.

The highlight of our trip was the Meet-Up. Sixteen documentors all in one place, snapping photos, signing, laughing and sharing. WOW. Thank you to each of you for attending, for battling California traffic and for taking the time out of your very busy lives.

We discovered that the word is out about DLP. We talked to everyone about YOU. The community

that has been created has not gone unnoticed in the industry. We talked about the support, the talent, the inspiration, the friendships being created. We are working very hard to protect our happy place. Our mutual goal is to keep it on task, appropriate for families (we have many little documentors) and maintaining the wildly creative environment where we can document 2014 together.

Now we are home and meeting with our "hold down the fort" heroes, Barbara and Rae. Together, we have plans for DLP. Oh yes, we do!

As always, we are so happy you are here!